At PaluGada we are a big fan of sports in general, whether it’s in a team such as soccer or individual such as breakdancing. We believe that sports bring people together and will keep your mental and physical health as fit as possible. Because of this belief we are always willing to look for options how we can support events, organizations and even individuals in growing their passion for sports as well. The most common thing we would do this by is giving financial support or in products/goods. Might there be a more creative way in support, let us know and we will have a look together in what possibilities we have.

When deciding if we are going to engage in a sponsorship, please keep in mind that , to be at least considered for a sponsorship, you would have to share our perspective, or at least be able to find yourself in our Corporate Social Responsibility.   


When interested in a sponsorship with PaluGada, get in touch with us.