Being able to give someone a present is always a nice thing to do, no matter what the occasion is. That is why we offer the possibility to buy gift cards in different categories for other brands. Next to that you will also have the choice to buy the PaluGada giftcard, which enables the recipient to browse all our products online and pay (partially) with the giftcard you gave. With our giftcards we will also give you the possibility to personalize it slightly, by, for example, having options such as buying a card for a specific category, or buying it for a girl or boy. All you have to do is to add the giftcard with the amount you want to give to your cart and add additional comments during the checkout.


When personalizing your giftcard, please note the following in the extra comments section during checkout:

·        Is it for a specific category or full webshop?

·        Is it for a boy or girl/man or woman?

·        Birthday: what is the age of the person? (optional)

·        Additional text you would like to have added to the giftcard