Customer Service

We find it important that our customers are able to find what they need on our webshop. When they have questions about certain topics, we find it also our responsibility to help and support them as much as possible. Our services are mainly online and can be separated as followed:






1. FAQ

2. Contact


A lot of the times certain questions have already been asked by other customers as well. That is why we opened a FAQ where you can find the answers to most of them. 


We always advise to have a look into our FAQ before proceeding into any other forms of customer service.


For the full FAQ, click here.

If you are not able to find the right answer on your question in our FAQ, you have the possibility to contact us through our contact page, or by contacting us through:


For us to be able to help you as soon as possible, we’d like to ask you to put in the subject line the ordernumber + Vendor. In the e-mail, at least the below information in the e-mail:

·        Ordernumber (if available)

·        Date of purchase (if available)

·        Vendor

·        The request


Ofcourse it’s also possible to send us a general request.