Safe shopping

One of the most important things we want for our customers is that they are able to shop safe. That is why we will always try to improve on how to keep our webshop as secure as possible. Ways of supporting our customers to shop safely, can be simply as instructing them through our pages and FAQ’s, but also in securing the back-end of the store by (for example) selecting the right third party plug-ins or having the necessary certificates (such as SSL). See below in what we are doing to make sure that our customers can shop safely.


*We are always working on improving our webshop, but it’s also possible to overlook at things. Do you have a suggestion that could help us improve, let us know through our contactpage.


Payment Provider

Acknowledged Carriers

SSL Certificate (https)

Our Payment Provider has been acknowledged by Currence (owner iDeal) as a Collecting Payment Service Provider (CPSP). De Nederlandsche Bank gave them a license for it and acknowledges that our Payment Provider work with integer and controlled business operations.


Read more about our Payment Provider.

When customers buy products with us, we always send the shipments including track & trace. When a shipment exceeds a certain price, we add the signature upon receival. By doing this we minimize the amount of losses/missings during the logistical processes from shop to consumer.

To provide safe shopping at PaluGada we are certified with a SSL certificate and communicate data through Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https), which is the encrypted version of http. By working with https we are making it more difficult for external organizations/individuals to misuse our webshop for their fraudulent activities.