Track & Trace

At PaluGada we will always send our products through one of our carriers including track & trace. If the product exceeds a certain amount we will include signature upon receival. This way we hope to ensure as much safety and certainty that our shipments actually arrive during the shipment process. How do we work:



1.     Receive

Once you have done the check-out succesfully, we will directly receive your order in our back-end






2.     Proces

Once received, we will directly pick your order and proceed it for shipment






3.     Ship

After picking your order, it will be added to the first upcoming batch for actual shipping.






4.     Inform

When your shipment has been brought to our carrier, you will receive an e-mail with track & trace






5.     Track & Trace

During shipping, you can keep yourself informed through the track & trace of the carrier with the received track & trace number by e-mail.