PaluGada Ordering service



With our online shop we try to provide the best service as possible for our customers. One of them is the PaluGada Ordering Service. This service enables the online customer to communicate directly with us through whatsapp and order from all the products that can be found in the category: “PaluGada store”. Everything that is ordered will be directly picked and brought the same day to the carrier services to have it delivered the next day.



How does it work



1.      Open the PaluGada Store Category in the shop

2.      Contact us through whatsapp at: +316-33197150

3.      Tell us your order

4.      Confirm the order with your e-mail address

5.      Pay the payment link we send through:

a.      Tikkie (dutch customers) or

b.      E-mail

6.      Once the payment is received, we will send the order with one of our carriers.


·        Quick ordering

·        Direct Customer service

·        Same Day Delivery Utrecht City (+20 km)


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