At PaluGada we want to provide you with the possibility to have a physical check on your products before you decide to keep it or not. That is why at PaluGada you have max 30 days to review and return your products without any extra costs. To be able to process you return as soon as possible, and according all the terms & conditions, we would like to ask you to review your products directly upon receival. This way we hope to prevent any “additional” damages which could endanger your return.


Please follow below guidelines when wanting to return your product to the seller. If you have any questions concerning our return process, feel free to contact us.


1.    Check directly.

2.    Intention of return

3.    Return your order

4.    Returned payment

Once you receive our products, please make sure that you directly check your order on any discrepancies or damages.

When you decide to return your order to the seller, please make sure to send an e-mail with your intent to the seller with Palugada in the CC. This way we can safely track your return and if everything goes according process.


*The seller can be found beneath the product on the shop.

**always put in the CC

After you have notified the seller and PaluGada about your return, you will receive a returnlabel which you can use for returning your product.

Once the seller received the product he will do a check on the status and if everything is oke according to the return terms and conditions.


After approval the seller will notify us and your payment will be paid back.