Benefits with PaluGada

We know that our webshop is one out of many, however each webshop should have something that distinguishes them from the rest in benefit of our visitors/shoppers. That’s why we have thought about what could possibly distinguish us from the rest, and we came up with the below.  

Loyalty program

Same Day Delivery

Unique products

Halal products

We have created the possibility for you to save points with selected products that you have bought from our webshop. With the received points you are able to exchange them for gifts, free products or other nice promotions we have. Minimum requirements we would need from you, is that you have a customer account where we can save your points in.


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Part of our engagement with our sellers and customers, is to provide a trustworthy delivery service. That is why we have the possibility to provide a same day delivery for our sellers and customers in a range of max 20km outside of Utrecht City.


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We can safely say that we have connections worldwide. This enables us to provide you with unique brands that are as good as the A-brands in their market, but just not reached Europe yet. Would you find a product that we call unique in another store, than we would have most probably had to do something with it.


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Most people associate halal being something that is only applicable on food productions such as beef, lam band/or chicken. What many people don’t know, is that Halal certifications also apply on products in different branches. When given a halal certificate, products have to meet several requirements such as being alcohol free and animal tested free.


That is why we also offer products that have been produced the halal way.

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