Afbeelding met persoonAutomatisch gegenereerde beschrijving


Our Mission





Afbeelding met buiten, water, berg, manAutomatisch gegenereerde beschrijving


Our Vision


At Palugada we believe, on the one hand, people should be able to find everything that they need for their families at an affordable price. On the other hand we believe that every entrepeneur with big dreams should be given the opportunity to chase it.


Abovementioned is the reason why we make it our mission to create the possibility for consumers to have an one-stop-shop where they find what they need, whether it’s the #1 brand or a more affordable product and for entrepeneurs with big dreams to start small and chasing their longlasting dreams.


With every consumer having a one stop shop at an affordable price and entrepeneurs being able to chase their dreams and having the possibility to actually achieve it, we see a world where capitalistic equality exists.


In a perfect world we, at PaluGada, envision an environment where every layer in the community has the opportunity to create their own independence, whether it’s by buying affordable products or becoming the shop/person that provides these affordable products. In the end it will all measure up to that one important thing: equality for all.