Corporate Social Responsibility


Summary monthly support


At PaluGada we believe in equality and that we have a social responsibility towards our communities. We translate that responsibility in giving back to countries and charities in terms of financial support.


Because there are a lot of organizations and charities that provide help and support for others, we do not believe in just supporting one cause. We believe that every organization, that actually helps and supports a better world, deserves our support as well. That is why we decided to put the topic: “charity support” on every meeting we have the first week of the month. During this meeting topic we discuss on which charity we would like to support that specific month. We make no distinction between the charities country or religion background and terms such as credibility, trustworthyness and ways of working are part of our decision making process.


How can you support?

You can support our fundings to charities by buying at It’s also possible to donate an amount yourself. Lastly we do offer the possibility to provide us with charities that could meet our standards for donation. Learn more about donating yourself or sending a charity reference by our blogposts in which we explain how to donate.


Every first week of a new month we discuss the topic “charity support”, we separate 0.5% from the revenu and decide to which organization/charity we will give it to. Steps followed are:

1.      Finalize revenu last week of the month

2.      Separate 0.5% off total

3.      Look into different charities and discuss

4.      Donate the money to that charity

5.      Inform you through our newsletter and blogposts.